The Ocean That Has Been Calling Me

The House Where Wise Man Lived

A new exhibition in the P21 Gallery

The Ocean That Has Been Calling Me is an audiovisual journey by Polish artist Maciek Stepniewski chronicling his travels to the Moroccan cities of Marrakech, Essaouira, and Sidi Kauoki in 2019.

The exhibition aims to equip the audience with an environmental lens of the country and region, with a special focus on Morocco’s natural beauty and diverse ecosystems in light of the growing climate crisis. Stepniewski aptly points to our anthropocentrist nature in his images by removing man as the central figure, giving way to the remarkable coast, culture, & history.

The images are accompanied by a special soundtrack created by Stepniewski, based on field recordings taken during his trip, developed specifically for the exhibition. The music embodies the artist’s hopeful sentiment for our planet inspired by the vastness of the Moroccan landscape. 

The Ocean That Has Been Calling Me began as a prototype for a photography book composed of images collected by Stepniewski of his travels to Morocco, deriving from his developing interests in photography, music & passion for exploring world cultures. 

About the Artist

Maciek Stepniewski is a Warsaw-based audiovisual artist focusing on digital, abstract and generative design, animation and music. He graduated in both BA and MA at Polish-Japanese Academy Of Information Technology, new media arts department. His films visited several European festivals and his albums were released by local netlabels. With experience in shooting music shows, Stepniewski aims to produce intriguing photographic projects in the spirit of “catching a moment” and blending raw images with digital manipulation.

About React

reACT is an innovative program, established by P21 Gallery to promote and support emerging and student artists whose work is dedicated to or inspired by the Middle East & Arab world by providing a space within the P21 Gallery and/or P21 Gallery website for an artistic intervention. reACT aims to contribute in building and strengthening cultural ties and dialogues between the East and West on terms designed by a younger generation.


Mishelle Brito is a London based artistic programmer and curator working to create dialogues relating to societal concerns in the Middle East through art, culture and creative based methods.

Exhibition Dates: 3rd – 29th May 2021

The exhibition is supported by the Art Council England and HUB Collective.