Caravel magazine welcomes submissions 

Caravel Magazine publishes features, stories, profiles, interviews, articles, news stories, and photography. If you have an idea for a piece and would like to share your work, we are more than happy to talk.

We are on the lookout for artists, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, archiver, illustrators, writers, museologists and art historians to submit their work and pitches for the magazine. 

The contributors will be featured in the digital magazine issue along with their biography. Their works will also be featured on our website as well as coverage on our social media channels.

Our stories are very narrative and highlight the human element of MENA’s culture and heritage.

Please note that:

We only accept unique content (either text/images) that has not been or published on any other website/online magazine.  

Caravel Magazine is an independent publication and nor generate revenue. Sadly, we are not currently in a position to pay contributors as it is run by volunteers. We hope to be able to review this in the near future.

Contributions to Caravel magazine

Caravel Magazine will respect the right of ownership of others over their own content, whether that to be photography, video, written or spoken word. The magazine will accredit sources of the aforementioned contributors and seek permission to use such content when required.

The contributors who want to submit their artworks, text, photos, and videos or any type of content should agree that the magazine has the right to use the materials by any means and reproduce it again into a new format and edit, publish or translate it.

Feature articles (700 to 1,000 words)

Make sure to supply relevant images to go with your piece, along with captions and credits information. 

Photo essay (5 to 10 images)

Telling the story through images and informative captions