Ithra welcomes the 10th edition celebration of the Saudi Film Festival

The King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center (Ithra) is delighted to announce the commencement of the 10th annual Saudi Film Festival, scheduled to run from May 2-9, 2024. This year’s festival commemorates a decade of cinematic innovation and accomplishment, emphasising Science Fiction Cinema. It promises an exhilarating week, featuring 76 film screenings and 53 titles in competition for 36 esteemed awards.

Saudi Film Festival

As the Saudi Film Festival (SFF) celebrates its 10th anniversary, it introduces an enhanced competition structure to fuel the competitive spirit among participants. This year, 53 carefully curated films—comprising feature-length, short, and documentary formats—have been nominated by the festival’s technical committee to compete for 36 prestigious awards. The competition encompasses three key categories: Film Competition, Unexecuted Screenplay Competition, and Production Market Projects Competition. Underlining its dedication to environmental and artistic achievements, the Golden Palm Awards will honour the best Saudi documentary on the environment and be a runner-up in the animated short film category.