Three events, one presence

“London’s pulse beats with a rhythm of perpetual inspiration, not exhaustion,” reflects Dr Khetam Al Sharou, General Director of Al-Majd Pathways Centre, based in London.

In the span of a single month, three major events converging within a single month—a remarkable testament to London’s commitment. It is a city that breathes life into global connections, weaving together people, cultures, and the latest in technology. These events serve as powerful catalysts, sparking conversations that transcend borders, uniting us in celebration of our rich and diverse world. It is a vibrant showcase of how this city thrives on the art of bringing the world together, sparking dialogues that transcend boundaries and celebrate the rich tapestry of global diversity:

World Travel Market (WTM) London, 6-8 November, ExCel London

The World Trade Market (WTM) became an exceptional rendezvous uniting businesses, individuals, and nations under one roof, fostering the exchange of knowledge over cups of delightful coffee. It offered a rare opportunity to delve into global business practices, witnessing firsthand the intersection of diverse cultures and conversations. At its core, the event showcased how the world engages in dialogue, revealing our readiness to connect, understand, and engage in meaningful exchanges. The WTM served as a platform where the essence of business transcended mere transactions—it became a celebration of cultural intersections and the readiness of nations to engage in dialogue.

3rd Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum 22-23 November 2023

In the brisk days of November, London hosted the “3rd Middle East Thought Leadership Forum”. Leaders and academics from MENA and worldwide innovators coalesced, envisioning the future of higher education. This dynamic gathering was a hub for fresh ideas, where discussions and insightful talks converged. It was a collaborative space, birthing new perspectives and paving the way for a redefined global educational frontier.

Digital Transformation Week Global Olympia London on 30 Nov -1 Dec

Digital Transformation Week Global at Olympia London, redefined digital strategies for a ‘Digital Everything’ world. It brought together top experts exploring Transformation Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Future of Work, Employee Experience, Automation, and Sustainability. Attendees delved into critical technologies, fostering customer engagement and nurturing digital cultures within organizations. It offered a comprehensive immersion into AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Edge Computing, making it a pivotal gathering for the future of digital innovation.

This year’s unique events brought together diverse perspectives and groundbreaking ideas, setting a precedent for what is to come. As we turn the page to a new year, the horizon gleams with promises of more dynamic gatherings to enrich our experiences and enjoy its impactful moments.

Al-Majd Pathways Centre (APC), based in London, is specialised in delivering a variety of services, ranging from professional training and educational services to translation and language solutions. “Al-Majd” is an Arabic-originating name that means “distinction”. The Centre identifies with the name “Al-Majd” as it strongly believes that “distinction” can be reached through education