World Travel Market 2023: Embracing Diversity, Creating Opportunities

At the heart of the World Travel Market in London, diverse cultures converged, showcasing their heritage and aspirations. Each country presented a unique tapestry of traditions, inviting exploration and celebration.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stood out, captivating with its warm hospitality and cultural richness. Their presence illuminated a promising future, drawing global admiration and interest.

In this vibrant exchange, London became a beacon for cultural fusion and collaboration. Conversations flourished, ideas intertwined, and new connections bloomed, embodying unity amidst diversity.

Aiming to be the most suitable tourism destination in the world, Saudi’s tourism market was one of the hot topics at the ongoing World Travel Market (WTM) London 2023.

According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), Saudi Arabia’ tourism industry ranked the second fastest growing destination globally.

“Their badge provides an access to the world.” It was more than an industry gathering; it was a testament to travel’s power to unite, create opportunities, and shape a brighter, interconnected future” said Dr Khetam Al Sharou, General Director of Al-Majd Pathways Centre, based in London.

“Al-Majd Pathway Centre (APC)’s goal resonated deeply at the WTM in London: to foster collaborations and open new markets for businesses eager to expand their global footprint. Our Centre facilitated connections, serving as a catalyst for businesses seeking to establish meaningful partnerships and venture into untapped markets. As a Centre facilitating global connections, we recognised the Kingdom’s potential to captivate global interest and open doors to new markets.”

As the WTM concluded, its legacy echoed our commitment: to forge pathways for collaboration, to open doors to new markets, and to pave the way for a more interconnected global landscape, emphasising our profound belief in the transformative potential of global unity through travel.

With stronger international travel trade, the tourism is considered to be a key driver of Vision 2030 plans. Saudi Arabia is the biggest investor in tourism in the world; the country’s target in 2030 is 150 million visits, and 70 million of those are expected to be international.

World Travel Market London 2023 has revealed its seen attendance its numbers rise by more than a fifth year on year. The three-day event took place from November 6-8, with 43,727 attendees, which is an increase of 22% on the 35,826 that attended in 2022.