Sanliurfa( Urfa): A journey into History

Sanliurfa is also known as the City of Abraham.

Text and Photos by Behcet Bicakci

One of my favourite place to visit in my home country is the city of Sanliurfa where Pool of Prophet Abraham which is known Balikli Gol in Turkish. based.

It is believed that the pool where Abraham was thrown from the top of the mountain into the fire by King Nimrod. When Abraham was landed in the fire the God turned flames to water and the burning logs into fish. A beautiful place to visit and experience the beauty of history as well as religion.

Medresesi beside the pool, Sanliurfa (Urfa)
Visitors to Balikli Gol and the pools, Sanliurfa (Urfa)
The pool of Abraham or Balikli Gol in Sanliurfa (Urfa)
The city of the Prophet Abraham, Şanlıurfa(Urfa)
Visitors to Balikli Gol, Sanliurfa (Urfa)

*Behcet Bicakci is a London based life coach.