Enas Elkorashy

Mushroom Memory

A new exhibition of a journey between artworks from 2003 to 2020 by the artist Enas Elkorashy will go on the show tomorrow, August 20.

Enas Elkorashy is an Italian Art curator with Saudi origins based in Venice, Italy. Graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 2008.

In 2013, Started her career as Art Curator by curating and organizing “The First Egyptian collective in Venice” During the inauguration of 55th Venice Art Biennale. From 2013 to 2015 she finished her Fashion Design study at Academia Del Lusso.

In 2015 she founded made in.. Art Gallery to become the first Arab art gallery in Italy.

In 2018, She has curated an inauguration exhibition of a new art gallery in Dubai,  presenting 28 pioneer modern and contemporary Arab and worldwide established artists with 60 artworks and masterpieces.

Elkorashy’s continues to develop her curating career and present her artists internationally and develop their portfolios

Press Release

When I pass my fingertips across the mushroom gills and I feel the fluffy thin papery structure that brings me into the feeling of touching pages of memories.

Mushrooms have always sparked curiosity in me. I wonder if the mushrooms are born to trigger the memories of our human beings mysteriously saved on their gills.

I wonder if I can be able to read those mystery memories. I cannot. But I know that the purpose of the gill is to produce spores to be dropped and beautifully flown by the wind to give life to other mushrooms, creating more of memories of our human beings.
Probably that the poisonous mushrooms are holding painful memories; our memories are not always happy and beautiful.

I always wonder how the mushrooms get our memories but I think it is probably from the sky through the rains, mushrooms don’t grow in a dry environment. Do the rains hold our human being memories too ?!

In the end, It is the natural, we are all connected. God created us from the dust of the ground then we back to the ground to be dust, it is the circle of life.

I don’t know why mushroom gills inspire me but I know that I feel connected to them somehow. As mushrooms grow and move between lands that only the rain falling from the sky connects to keep them alive and pushes them to continue living, so is my journey in life and my travel between many cities in a relatively short period of time in search of my first living goal which is my artistic inspiration.

Just as the mushroom carries many layers, many secrets, ideas, and memories are hidden among its folds that formed its final existence and a reason for its continued reproduction. Likewise are the memories of the stages of my life that were important lessons that made me the person standing before everyone today.

In this exhibition” Mushroom Memory”, I will not exhibit all “mushroom gills” artworks I did this year, but I will exhibit only one artwork titled “1986”. And I will open gills of my art life memories since I was a student in 2003 until this year 2020. Starting from the first oil painting portrait I have done to one gill of each period of my life that holds stories and memories, after passing more than 10 years rarely sharing my art, but now I want to open my art gills to show my mushroom memory.

Mushroom Memory

Enas Elkorashy‘s exhibition
A journey between artworks from 2003 to 2020.

made in.. Art Gallery
Campiello lavatori de lana, santa croce 270D, Venice 20 August 2020 – 10 September 2020