Clay Workshop for Syrian Community

Artists Mila Dolman and Tere Chad have gather to organise a series of workshops that explore the extinction of semiotics through clay. During a period of a year, Dolman and Chad have set up the challenge of inviting different communities in London to immortalise their cultural heritage through clay.

Workshops are both an opportunity to bring together communities whose heritage might be at risk, as also a space to have a deeper reflection upon the value of heritage in a globalised world.

The first workshop will invite the Syrian community to model their memories with clay at Levant Book Café (26 – 28 Standard Rd, Park Royal, London NW10 6EU, close to North Acton Station, Central Line) on Monday 6 of December 17 – 19hrs.  

The workshop invites families and people from all ages, and it is free of charge. Materials are going to be provided by the organisers of the workshop.

Modelling Memories Workshop

Globalisation, climate change and political instability are constantly putting cultural heritage around the world in risk. Cultural hybridisation makes younger generations less interested in preserving their heritage. Climate change is threatening many cities and together with cities, cultures to drawn. Political instability and war destroy heritage of vulnerable places every day.

If we are among anyway to a global society, is there any point in preserving the uniqueness of different cultures? Does cultural heritage belong to their people or to humankind’s heritage? How is cultural heritage understood in a cosmopolitan place like London? Why should we preserve heritage?

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