Artfrosh is an art platform dedicated to Kurdish artists

Vim Foundation’s latest project ,Artfrosh is an art platform dedicated to Kurdish artists inside and outside of Kurdistan. The project consists of the fields of (paintings, sculpture, ceramic, and digital art).

In this platform, artists can voluntarily exhibit their artwork. In addition to introducing their work to the audience, they can sell their products through the Artfrosh website and obtain benefits. In this project, Vim Foundation does not gain any financial proceeds, and the entire income from the artwork is returned to the artist. 

The Artfrosh exhibition

Through a website and social media platforms, Artfrosh publishes the artworks and the information relating to the artist and the artwork, where audiences and customers can read the information.

The Artfrosh project was initiated by opening a plastic art exhibition for the partaking artists and activating the project’s website.

The Artfrosh exhibition

Baxtiar Halabjayi, Sculptor and Director of the Plastic Art Directorate in Sulaymaniyah, who is one of the participants in the exhibition, states, “Gladly, on this occurrence, Vim Foundation has assembled us in a better form and higher quality. Granting value and attending to artworks is a significant job and conveys the image of acclaiming artworks.”

The Artfrosh exhibition

The Artfrosh exhibition will resume for the duration of a week in Vim Foundation.