Fatimah Al Nemer explores the rich tapestry of Saudi Arabia’s social heritage

A new exhibition titled”Dkhoun by a renowned Saudi artist is taking place at Mestaria Gallery.

Multidisciplinary designer Fatimah Al Nemer unveils In the Mestaria, an exhibition of eight tapestry pieces meticulously crafted, each intricately woven using various silk materials, processed and merged into four layers on canvas. Acrylic colors are then added, resulting in a symphony of color and texture that mirrors the depth and richness of Saudi culture.

To create her pieces, the visual artist uses a tapestry of diverse styles, encompassing the realms of oil and acrylic paintings, collages, textiles, prints, and installations.

This captivating exhibition invites us to explore the profound journey of a female protagonist, portrayed through the blend of modern techniques and traditional symbolic elements deeply rooted in Saudi culture.  

With a stroke of uniqueness, Fatimah Al Nemer breathes life into a powerful narrative, celebrating the strength and resilience of women. Portraying the protagonist’s journey through carefully chosen symbols deeply ingrained in Saudi culture, narrating the character’s progression from silence and oppression to intuition and self-expression.

Fatimah Al Nemer, Gald. 120 x 120cm

Dkhoun: “Dkhoun” literally translates to “the most precious types of incense,” however, it elevates in meaning here to symbolise goodness, purity, sustenance, and provision—an essence felt through our senses. When we encounter a scent, we instinctively close our eyes, immersing ourselves in the emotions it stirs. Naming the gallery collection “Dkhoun” signifies that it transcends senses; and embodies a woman’s intuition, nobility, and sublime essence, akin to the most precious incense. Throughout her art pieces other symbolic uses converge with the protagonist’s journey. The pomegranate symbolises a woman’s warmth and beauty, while the flower represents life itself. Another artwork uses, “Al Rababa,” – a traditional musical stringed instrument- which signifies the character’s sorrow and the transitional phase in life, while the dove signifies inner peace during life’s journey. Together, Fatimah’s unique blend of textiles and various materials, aims to seamlessly connect the past and culture with the present. Highlighting the character’s beauty, strength, and intelligence, striving to enlighten foreigners about the region’s authenticity. Each piece narrates a woman’s remarkable story, creating a beautiful window for viewers to live with the character’s journey from silence to self-discovery and inner peace, to expressing one’s true self.

Fatimah Al Nemer, Shaloh. 120 x 120cm

“Art is a way of life” says Fatimah, where her inspiration is rooted in personal experiences and the struggle for self-expression. Fatimah sees her art as a portal to evoke emotions and connect beyond the senses, conveying a message that reaches the depths of the human soul. Drawing became her tool for empowerment, building her confidence and character. Art began as a “childhood sanctuary,” a refuge for unspoken words as she was an extremely shy and timid personality. Through art’s gentle strokes, she found her voice and confidence, which led her to the realisation—”why not lend this expressive power to others, especially women?” Thus began her journey of embodying diverse characters, painting the strength and women’s worth, blending reality with imagination. Her art became an emotional canvas, a lifelike translation of dreams and sentiments, intertwining tradition with a contemporary talent that resonates with a higher sense of purpose.

Dkhoun takes place from Thursday 19th October to 9th November 2023 at the Mestaria.