Hajjan, backed by Ithra, secures three awards at Gulf Cinema Festival

The feature film “Hajjan,” financed and produced by The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), has won three awards at the Gulf Cinema Festival. These include Best Feature, Best Actor (awarded to Omar Alatawi for portraying protagonist Matar), and Best Cinematography. The film swept all categories it was nominated in, as revealed during the Festival’s closing ceremony on April 18th.

Gulf Cinema Festival award winners

Ithra was invited by the Saudi Film Commission to participate in the 4th edition of the Gulf Cinema Festival, a platform that connects film industry professionals and celebrates cinema from the GCC region, which this year took place in Riyadh from 14-18 April.
A story imbued with Saudi cultural heritage and identity, Hajjan is a coming-of-age adventure epic that follows young Matar (played by Omar Alatawi), living in the expansive Saudi Arabian desert, as he overcomes tragedy through the hope and solace he finds in camel racing. The film was shot in Tabuk, in Saudi Arabia, and the cast was made up entirely of Saudi actors.

Majed Z. Samman, Ithra’s Head of Cinema & Performing Arts, at Gulf Cinema Festival

Majed Samman, Head of Cinema and Performing Arts at Ithra, said: “Seeing the recognition HAJJAN has garnered, both within the Kingdom and beyond, is incredibly exciting and signals the growing interest in Saudi creative output. At Ithra, we are proud of our role in supporting the advancement of the Kingdom’s film industry, both in front of and behind the camera by creating opportunities for Saudi talent so that the stories of our people and past are brought to life and reach national and international audiences. We look forward to further celebrating cinematic excellence from across the Kingdom and increasing awareness of our flourishing film and creative industries during the upcoming 10th edition of the Saudi Film Festival (2-9 May) hosted at Ithra.”