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Welcome to our Second Issue of Caravel

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to the second edition of Caravel. 

As we start off our second issue, coronavirus is still taking people’s lives and has changed the way we all live across the globe and forced us to work from home. 

Despite all the challenges, we are thrilled that our first issue of Caravel had received massive support from our readers. However, Caravel is still improving, and we hope that you will see this improvement in the coming issues. 

This issue features an exclusive interview with Dr Youssef Kanjo, the former director of 

Aleppo Museum, speaking to our editor about preserving the Syrian Heritage. 

In this edition, Angham Abdullah revisits her city Mosul and tells the story of her childhood memory in this ancient city. 

If you are keen on learning about the rich heritage of the MENA region, read Shatha Mubaideen’s piece on Digital Heritage Mapping in Jordan. We also shed light on the Medina Stories Project which explores the cities of the Maghreb. 

In this edition, we catch up with artist Enas Elkorshy the founder of Made in Art Gallery. 

In the picture section, we present Veronica Otero’s photographs, taken during her journey to the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, to document the daily life of the Bedouins of Palestine. 

Here, we look at the Kurdish Doodle project, which gives new life to an iconic culture. 

We also explore a remarkable project that celebrates the music of Libya. 

If you are a coffee lover, you will get to know a lot about Yemeni Mocha. However, you will also experience the taste of Falafel and Ice Cream in Damascus.

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