George Alain at Kings Place: and the Almighty said, take this!

This is an appealingly unusual show in Arabic from an appealingly unusual performer

Syrian British stand-up comedian and computing lecturer George Alain will be performing his ongoing tour show and the Almighty said, take this! – which he launched this year – at the Kings Place for one night in September 23.

Performing in English and Arabic across the UK, Europe and the SWANA region, George has continuously captivated his audiences with his observational humour and social commentary. Using comedy as a catalyst for both laughter and activism, he seamlessly blends thought-provoking insights with everyday occurrences. George’s unique ability to navigate cultural nuances and spark conversation is what makes him a gripping and inspiring performer.

Presenting new material at his show and the Almighty said, take this! George will lead audiences on a hilarious journey; from close-to-heart, relatable stories and moments about life and upbringing in the Middle East to the shift of forced immigration to Europe, George’s show is riddled with razor-sharp wit and unfiltered honesty.

Be ready to delve into the quirky, and bizarre effects of schools, parenting, TV shows and music in a multi-cultural and religious background and identity. George’s stand-up show promises to reveal the ways in which multiple shared situations and stories have shaped perspectives and reflect the absurdities of modern life.

George Alain at the Kings Place ,23 September